Self-Contained Image CB (Carbonless-Backside) Layflat Paper Liner

Self Contained CB Liner
Self Contained CB Liner

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The back side of the liner base is fully coated with CB coating for use in multi-ply forms.

The front side of the liner base paper is coated with self-contained carbonless coating. This means the "shadow" of whatever is imaged on the label above it will appear on the liner itself.

The front side of liner base paper is fully coated from edge to edge with silicone release coating on top of the self-contained image coating. The release coating is compatible with a wide range of rubber-based hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Customer Service:
Citadel Specialty Products is far from the biggest manufacturer of silicone release liners - and we are PROUD of it! When you partner with us, you won't find unrealistically large minimums, outrageously long lead times, or folks that won't return a phone call or email. We inventory a large amount of Self-Contained Image CB liner that is ready to be slit to your specification. There are no minimums on this liner. Turn times are typically just 3 to 7 business days, and if you're in a terrible jam, we'll do better than that! All of our managers are engineers and are happy to talk to you about any details of your order or ideas for new products.

Release Levels:
For Self Contained Image CB liner, we offer a single release level:

  • Standard Release (SR) : 10 - 45 grams per inch

Basis Weights:
Our CB liner is on a single basis weight of paper:

  • 3.3 mil (roughly 45#'s per 3,300 ft2 ream)

Self-Contained Image CB liner is used as a middle ply in multi-ply forms. The surface of the liner will capture the image from the label above it. The CB will activate with the CF ply of the sheet beneath it. Again, this liner is built to caliper and provides a great surface for die cutting.

Other Details:
Our Self-Contained Image CB liner comes out of a 17.5" master roll, so your finished roll needs to be between 1" and 17.5". You are not required to take the entire width of the master, but the roll length needs to be 10,000'.

Our standard is to put your finished rolls on 3" cores, but 6" cores are available upon request. We can wind rolls either silicone in or silicone out, per your preference. Rolls are packaged either in rolling position or poker chipped on a skid.